General Stuff

I'm a Web Designer and Developer located in Adelaide, Australia.

I run a business,, designing and developing websites and working with other businesses from Adelaide and around australia (and internationally!).

If you'd be interested in working with me, or even a general question, please let me know!

This site

This site is coded on a custom system, and allows me to experiment. Everything you see here has been designed and/or coded soley by me. The RSS feed icons, etc are from famfamfam's great free collection. :)

What have you done?

I was a sitepoint advisor, and wrote several articles - Debate - WYSIWYG: a Web Designer's Dream. (Ironically I'm all for hand-coding these days!). I am also credited with the 'Trifeca CSS Rollover' technique.

I've had a chance to interview with one of the Deviant Art Founders and an old tutorial published at sitepoint.